SAMATAC is equipped to troubleshoot and maintain all aspects of your current network platform, along with having the capacity to professionally oversee new security implementation and complete infrastructure redesign.

Our services are available on a per call basis or in the form of a service level agreement.

  • Regular network checking
  • Adding and removing of IP’s
  • Subnet maintenance
  • Domain setup and maintenance
  • Troubleshooting and resolving of problems on the network 
  • Troubleshooting of related hardware attached to the network
  • Setup and changes to security polices
  • Adding and removing of users
  • Implementing filtering and anti-spam solutions


Technology is important to any modern business and the base of this technology is the installation of the network cabling.

High Performance, high frequency cables are used in these installations and can be affected by various factors such as electrical noise, light fittings or power cables.

It is outmost importance that these cables are installed by cabling specialists who can look at the building in its entirety and then consider the other services that will be needed for such a building; recommending a suitable cabling system to negate any possible issues.

Another point to note is that the cabling installer consults with the client to determine what they require from their IT systems; how the system is going to be plugged together and where they see the IT systems progressing in the near future. It is recommended that this service is offered by a network professional.

All Service Level Agreements are customized to your network and your needs. Please feel free to contact us regarding a consultation to ensure that your network is as secure and reliable as you want it to be.